Thursday, June 11, 2009



Matt and I decided (and by "Matt and I" I really mean just "I") that in order to keep everyone involved and updated (and maintain our sanity) we are going to document our major life events--minor events too pending on time and day and humor level of said author--here.  Please read about us and feed my ego.  Follow us as we navigate a new town, new jobs, new apartment, and potentially a new house here in the future.  We promise to keep in touch with phone calls and cards, too, but we want to share with you what we're up to daily/weekly/monthly as well.  

My family is accustomed to my writing styles, but I feel that it's my wifely duty to welcome Matt's family to my mindless chatter and wanderings that vaguely resemble an update about our life.  Don't be scared.  I'm really quite harmless but secretly desire to be one of those salacious Hollywood bloggers that uses words in amazingly hilarious, yet socially poignant ways.  But I digress.

Countdown to moving day: 8

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