Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Project Runway

It appears I really enjoy sewing things; my current project includes hemming curtains (let's hear it for the straight stitch!), new pillows for the couch, and some curtains for my office at work. I think, upon successful completion of said projects, I may find myself venturing out into the world of dresses. Or maybe not. I tend to think I am WAY better at stuff than I really am. Although, with a whole season of Project Runway ahead of me, I may stay completed focused on this at least until the finalists go to Fashion Week.

In other news, visit with the grandparents and the parents proved to be another excellent time for all--and watching Jamie compete in the 10K kayak race made Matt and I feel completely out of shape and caused a re-evaluation of our current physical shape. Status: Pathetic. This may or may not push us into a least one gym visit a month, but it's possible!

Glee tonight. Huzzah!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


I went to two high schools. My first high school -- football was not a game, it was a state of being. My second high school -- football was a game. That we lost all the time. Maybe, just maybe if we could have taught them how to do this, we wouldn't have lost our Homecoming Game 3 years in a row.

I love this show. It's like a combination of my high school experiences, only with better looking and way more talented people.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Part of my job requires that I do randomly awesome things. Tonight was no exception, as I ran around in a pirate costume for 2 hours telling pirate jokes to any bloke who would stop to listen. The other part of my job includes me being a rock star. Last week, Allen asked me, "Are you in a band?" to which my little heart fluttered as I responded with how I've always wanted to be a rock star but never got my break.

Let's face it. I'm not really a rock star. Or a pirate. I'm just a girl who desperately wants to be both of these things. And somehow I managed to stumble into a job where all of my wildest dreams have come true. At least for tonight.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Case for Kids

Our desire is to reach these kids with entertaining, fun, relevant messages. We’re fighting to win a generation that is over-stimulated, overwhelmed, and under attack. Marketing campaigns are designed to reach kids; television channels like Disney and Nickelodeon can sustain themselves with shows about preteens and tweens; and the High School Musical franchise has set the standard for what our kids are expecting from everyone else. Somehow we have to tap into that mentality and do a bait-and-switch with the messages. If our Worship Teams sound like Miley Cyrus but sing about the redemptive power of Jesus Christ; if our room looked like the set of iCarly but centered its design around the 3 Basic Truths, we would be getting somewhere.

But shouldn't the message be more important than what it looks like?

Well sure. But how often are you going to go into a restaurant that is dingy and falling apart? It doesn't matter how good the food is, people will not walk through the doors to find out. The Church is dealing with this same identity-crisis: the message is amazing, the image is lacking. Let's look at my cable channels for example. On any given day I can flip through at least 45 channels that have their own specific identity--Lifetime uses a lot of colors that are pleasing to the female eye, Spike uses a little bit of an edgier image that reminds me of a construction site... all these things subconciously tell the viewer, "This is where you belong."

Then there's the one channel that is a Christian TV channel--it features commercials by churches that look like something out of 1987. The discussion panel sets look like the inside of a Goodwill. I'm watching these channels wondering, "who is really going to listen to what's going on if they are so distracted by what it looks like?" That is not a channel that screams out to 23 year old me, "This is where you belong." But I'm a Christian, so immediately I feel like I need to support this channel, but I can't. It's boring.

But Christianity is not boring, our messages are not boring, we're not even a boring group! We're individuals who can design, dream, build, and create with the best of them. But how am I going to communicate that to someone who, when they hear the words "Children's Ministry" immediately think of flannel boards, goldfish snack crackers, and the song, Father Abraham? The Church needs a makeover. Not a makeover that compromises the message of Jesus Christ, but a makeover that encourages the Seeker to give us a second chance. A makeover that will appeal to the overstimulated masses. A makeover that makes it okay for a messy-heart to belong? A makeover that screams, "This is where you belong."

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Inconsistency is the New Blog

It appears that the girl that lives upstairs needs a beatdown. I'm not sure if she's wearing cement shoes, enjoys skipping, constantly falls, or just weighs a ton, she makes so much noise in the general vicinity of her kitchen my light fixture shakes.

Oy vey.

Things that rock:
  1. My job; especially that part where we went to a lake house for a vision casting planning retreat that included a steak dinner and all the fixins'
  2. Robby and Heather -- newly married (like us) most excellent friends. We also have mad love for Logan and Jack, the dogs.
  3. Joyful Noise children's choir -- it's the all-singing, all-dancing, stage spectacular! We had a record breaking 60 kids show up, huzzah!
  4. Midday pedicures and pizza with my two favorite office girls
  5. Shea's kids, Nathan and Brady. Or as they like to refer to themselves... Super Nathan and Wonder Brady. Or as I like to refer to them... Captain Candy and the Sweet Tooth Kid
  6. Pretty much the entire Rocheleau clan; we want to be like them when we grow up. For reals.
Things that suck:
  1. Kanye West making an idiot of himself at the VMAs
  2. Matt's schedule
  3. Dishes and laundry
  4. Our "Dances with Wolves" couch pillows motif currently uglifying our couch
  5. Little Miss Cement Shoes
Since this post is merely a random collection of ridiculousness, check it. If you don't laugh or hurl, you're not an American.