Saturday, August 8, 2009

Yesterday's City of Today, because Tomorrow is Soon.

Sometimes it seems like we've never left Maryland.

Jamie stopped through last night on his way back to Maryland (I know it was just for the food, but I like to think it's because he misses us). We then felt the need to take him to Southpoint mall, the mecca of all things Mall-esque. $9.99 cds at FYE, a quick run through Urban Outfitters where I proclaimed myself entirely too uncool to be even thinking about shopping there, and a CookOut run were all on the menu for the evenings adventures. We tried to go see Tarantino's new film, but alas, it's not out for another two Fridays (epic fail.)

Then today, the Thomas Clan (and Libby!) stopped through Burlington for a Steak N Shake lunch hour/dog walking. It was a shame Matt had to work, those Frisco Melts never disappoint! It was good to see them, all tan and beachy while I, in my pale working-in-an-office-all-summer skin turned green with envy. Come to think of it, both Lassahn kids looked pathetically Casper-ish next to the Thomas'. People probably thought we were sick with disease or something. But I digress.

Tomorrow promises to be equally as exciting as Jason and Jacy (and Selah!) are coming to see us on their own personal East Coast Tour of Williamsburg/Burlington/Sparta. Matt has already planned out our eating stops of All Things Greasy and Delicious. Nevermind that delicious spinach lasagna that I had planned :)

Work continues to be amazing. The new project is getting something like this built by the end of the year. This is going to take some creative negotiating judging by the looks of the budget but it's going to be worth it. We'll see. Maybe I'll win the lottery (you know, Matt and I play every night when it interrupts Fraiser, neither of us have ever guessed all the numbers correctly so we're not going to buy a ticket just yet. But we have a system, and it's ... still not working. Good thing we're too lazy to get tickets and just like to shout out random numbers at the TV instead.)