Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas is Over. Crap.

Christmas tends to go one of two ways -- awesome or suck. This year I would definitely have to say "awesome" for various reasons. Mostly because it was our first Christmas in our own space. So we got to wake up in our own bed, open presents under our own tree, and make breakfast in our own kitchen. This is a big deal considering we've spent 3 Christmas mornings together in various houses. Plus, my parents, my brother, my grandparents, and my uncle all make for a really funny crowd.

For those of you who heard of the Thanksgiving turkey dethaw with a hairdryer story, here's another one:

Because I work at St. Mark's Church, Christmas is a big deal. So the week leading up to Christmas was spent working all day and collapsing on the couch when I got home late at night. This left me one day to prepare for the grocery shopping and food consumption. So, Christmas Eve eve I went to Walmart, got all the grocery's and unloaded them with time to spare. Until I realized Christmas Eve when everything is closed, that I do not have a pie tin. And that I had promised my mom that I would make chocolate pie. Bowls were too deep, baking pans too long. So in the 11th hour, I used a skillet. True story.

Now Christmas is over and we're waiting for the cover of darkness to dispose "legally" of our Christmas tree. For the record, you know, like if I'm in jail; the landlord did say that she would dump the tree in the woods if she were us. Otherwise we'll have to pay to have it recycled at the dump--I think we'll take our chances.