Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Case of the Rotting Pumpkin

About a month ago, I came to work and saw that a pumpkin had been decorated to look like a face. It looked like a Mr. Potato Head--lips, ears, nose, and a hat. It was really very cute but it was something that I did not make. I assumed that it was something that CB had decorated at some event and left on the table. I didn't think much of it over the last month, other than it was a cute harvest addition to our information table.

Today, Robby and I are moving some things around and notice that some papers look like they've had coffee spilled all over them. I then notice the pumpkin head is looking a little droopy. When I go to move it, the whole thing squishes in my hand like a sponge.

Here's the part where you go, "that's disgusting."

After we stop laughing/choking/crying, we go to let CB know that her pumpkin has died. To which she responds, "that's not mine, I thought you made it!" Call Nancy Drew, we've got a mystery to solve!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Catalyst, Pumpkins, and Ice Cream

Catalyst rocked.

Matt and I (and like, 20 people from SMC) packed our bags and spent 3 days listening to some of the greatest thinkers, speakers, and leaders from the Christian and corporate world. Malcom Gladwell, Tony Dungy, Rob Bell, Andy Stanley, Reggie Joiner, Margaret Feinberg (not Leslie, champion Lesbian writer for the masses), Matt Chandler (who we missed. Sad.), Charles Swindoll...it was awesome for sure. Each speaker made you think, challenged you, and then... Professor Splash dove into a kiddie pool from 39 feet in the air. Not really sure where that fits in the scheme of Greatness, but it happened and that's all I know.

Coolest part of the weekend was definitely running into Brad--one of my friends from highschool in Ohio. OHIO. I haven't seen this kid in 8 years and he just casually shows up again in my life. It was the weirdest reunion I think I've had in a while. He was actually the team leader for my church's Land of a Thousand Hills coffee kiosk. So basically, all my SMC friends met him and then their mouths dropped open when he basically hurdles the coffee stand to hug me. Matt's mouth dropped open too until I told him how we knew each other :)

This weekend included a trip to a pumpkin patch with the Rocheleaus. Pictures to follow, which explain the adventure far better than I could. Although, Shea's unconditional love for a baby cow with a tail full of dingleberries really might have been one of the most memorable moments I have of Shea. I think it was the "Can we keep her?" look that she gave Jim that solidified the morning.

And by the way. Matt got his Harvest Decorations. We have a mum and a pumpkin outside our door. There is now balance restored to the Smalling Household.

And now, because it's 49 degrees outside, we're going to get ice cream. Because freezing on the outside just isn't enough--we need to freeze on the inside, too. Sham on.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

My Love/Hate Relationship with Mailboxes

When you're a kid, when you get mail it's usually a card for some great holiday like birthdays, Easter, or Christmas. This card usually contains money.

Now, when I go to the mailbox, my cards don't contain money. It asks for my money. I get mail every day--mostly junk, bills, more bills, and well.. more bills. It's a broke life for the Smallings. I dread getting the mail because I have to drive to my mailbox, get out of my car, take my key, unlock the box, get my mail, and then open. It makes me tired and I avoid it at all costs.

A couple of days ago I went to the mailbox and began the routine of shuffling through the contents--bills, junk, and then there was a card. With my address written in child-like scribble and when I opened it, I realized it was a handmade card from one of my kids at church. For your viewing pleasure I have included the inside:

Dear Nikki,

Thank you for letting me have a part in the play. I was worried that I wouldn't get a part. I like that you teach us now. Thank you for being my friend.


The best part was the drawn picture that was included--a little girl holding the hand of a big girl walking down the street with balloons on all sides. This card now resides in a prized place on our kitchen bar. I think I'll keep this forever.