Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Project Runway

It appears I really enjoy sewing things; my current project includes hemming curtains (let's hear it for the straight stitch!), new pillows for the couch, and some curtains for my office at work. I think, upon successful completion of said projects, I may find myself venturing out into the world of dresses. Or maybe not. I tend to think I am WAY better at stuff than I really am. Although, with a whole season of Project Runway ahead of me, I may stay completed focused on this at least until the finalists go to Fashion Week.

In other news, visit with the grandparents and the parents proved to be another excellent time for all--and watching Jamie compete in the 10K kayak race made Matt and I feel completely out of shape and caused a re-evaluation of our current physical shape. Status: Pathetic. This may or may not push us into a least one gym visit a month, but it's possible!

Glee tonight. Huzzah!


  1. Once you get the general idea of patterns, making clothing really isn't as hard as people think.

    Thank you Marion, Greensboro College Costuming I class. :-P