Sunday, June 21, 2009

Boxes, boxes, and more boxes

We. Are. Officially. Moved.

((huge sigh of relief/exhaustion)

After a week that was... unexpected, we finally got ourselves moved down here and "settled."  the amusement began at 7am Saturday morning as we rolled out with 3 cars and a Penske truck.  Somehow I was nominated as the lead car and we began our journey.  MTOs at Sheetz and one, ahem, "alternative" route to find a gas station somewhere outside of Durham, we arrived at noon.  The St. Mark's Welcome Wagon made our moving in slightly less traumatic with a huge basket of goodies--from gift cards to toilet paper--which has proven to be quite the blessing.  In fact, St. Mark's has quickly proven it's awesomeness with a fabulous team of people that I am thrilled to be working with for... hopefully the rest of time.  Shout out to Shea for bringing lunch and hugs from the staff!

I found it incredibly amusing to wash clothes in our new washer and dryer.  The good news is that our new washer and dryer does NOT sound like a space ship waiting to take off.  The even good-er news is our loads are cut down because of the magic that is a "front-loading" unit.  In addition, our bathroom is the size of our previous kitchen and we have a separate area for both LIVING and DINING.  A true first for the Smallings.  I love North Carolina.

As I'm writing this, Matt and Dad are attempting to hang a key hook/mirror thing and may or may not have just drilled into the AC unit.  Even five minutes before my parents leave, we're still having the adventures.

Moving could have been terrible, but having Mom and Dad there to laugh with us (like when Matt fell off the ramp with a pile of boxes or when I forgot where we lived or when Dad almost backed into the car at Chick-fil-A) made things go a little easier.  Exploring the town, finding the Target and watching Dad and Matt bond over things like the Simpsons and Family Guy are some the things that make leaving them just a little bit harder.  We will never be able to thank them enough, but I hope they know that we are eternally grateful.  I hope they know that they are welcome ANYTIME.

Once we get the boxes moved out of the guest bedroom, we are open to visitors.  So, that's You, reader-of-this-blog.  The challenge has been issued, you are officially invited.

Pictures to follow.

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